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  • No pagination
  • No photo or video galleries


Popular Science for Windows 8 provides readers with content from its website.

While the Windows Store doesn't support magazine subscriptions yet, there are plenty of magazines that have created apps to provide content to readers. Popular Science is a great publication for reading articles about science and technology.

The application itself is very simple. The main page of Popular Science provides a grid of stories. Thumbnails with art and a brief description are shown. There are several categories broken down in the front page, including 'Features,' 'Science,' and 'Technology.' Tap on an article and you'll be taken to the piece. There's a header photo but not much else when it comes to visual media.

Speaking of media, Popular Science's lack of photo and video galleries really hurt the user experience. There are some stories that would do better if there were photos or videos to break up the massive amount of text. Instead, all you get a header image and a bunch of text. The writing is high quality but Popular Science needs to include more audio/visual media.

Overall, Popular Science is a good way to quickly browse through articles from its website but offers a basic reading experience.

Popular Science


Popular Science

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